How to be a Shift Disturber?

Part innovator. Part entrepreneur. Part rebel. Partly undefined. A shift disturber is really about making changes, shaking things up, provoking a reaction, creating a dialogue, venturing out to the fringes and doing a lonely little dance.

Since the term was first coined, there are a few of us who have been tossing the term around and testing out the shift disturbing spectrum. I personally, have adopted the term as a nearly perfect fit to how I feel about my work and my purpose. As someone that has often felt like an outsider and observer, I feel like being a shift disturber is my active role to say “Hey! my points of view are valid too and I am just looking for a little respect.”

While I think that being a shift disturber takes on many iterations and reflect where a person is at in their journey, I do think there are some core values to being a shift disturber.

Together, with a few of my fellow shift disturbers we are going to build a living manifesto to share. Feel free to comment or tweet me @jennzia with #shiftdisturber to join the process.


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