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This website and reflective process has been a brilliant journey and so I am moving on to a more permanent home. You can now find all the same good stuff going on.

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Friday Reflections #FRF Kid & Wisdom

childrenSpending time with a 5 year old and a 2 year old for a weekend and then for 4 days could be enough to write 100 posts. Their boundless energy and curiosity kept me fascinated but also so tired! One of my favourite things is to watch a kid process and figure things out for themselves. We were at the beach and it was my turn to take the 2 year old to the ocean. It was only his second time seeing the waves and he was a little hesitant and slowly gained confidence while playing in the waves. He held on tightly to my hand at first and got scared a bit, he even fell over a few times. He brought with him a yellow scooper to play in the sand. He used this to test the waves, to scoop sand, to understand the currents. I could see him processing, assessing, figuring out the patterns. His little gears were turning. As he grew confident he was able to let go of my hand and experiment more and he would get more and more adventurous. Then as he got over confident, he would stumble and look to me for reassurance or would grab on again.

How might I bring the kid in me out? How do I give myself time to learn like a kid? Let’s allow ourselves to kid-around and learn what we can do on our own and when we need a helping hand. Let’s grow our balance and confidence in experimenting, repeating and processing.

How much wisdom does this kid have? Where do I find myself with the wisdom of child-like curiosity, awe of repetition and the wonderment of learning little by little? Wisdom is the kernel of knowledge that stays with you.


Friday Reflections #FrF Wash & Fold

4b5f7f968e200e9c81f48c16cb5e7a19In our NYC adventure, we have been to museums, nice restaurants and not so fancy-but-still-delicious restaurants, wander the streets as much as we could take it in the heat and somehow the event I feel I need to write about is our trip to the laundromat. It just felt like the most New Yorker thing we have done yet.

The whole thing became more New York when an older lady in the laundromat took a special liking to us and began watching as we did our chores. It was clear we were not doing the task to her specifications and she had no trouble stepping in to show us the way. Twice she interjected and both times I smiled and watched.

How might I wash aside the idea that ordinary is boring? How might washes of inspiration last longer than their cycle? Wash away the the grime of the daily grind and find a freshness to the everyday. Thrive in the mundane tasks.

How might I fold the lessons of doing sheets into my work? How open am I to letting someone show me how to fold? Fold away from your routine, shake out the creases, work together and be ok with looking a little silly.

While doing laundry may seem like the most mundane thing we have done, there was something so rewarding and bucket list feeling about it. (NYC bucket list to come soon)


Friday Reflection #FRF Ikigai & Adventures

There are somedays that you have to pinch yourself a little, cause it just feels unreal. Today is one of those days.


I have been dreaming of living in New York City since I was a teenager. Since we started coming here almost once a year for mother/daughter weekends, since I fell in love with the hustle and bustle of this energetic city, since I find constant inspiration from the people and the projects here. I have put New York City on a pedestal and now I am going to have to see if it will live up to all the hype. I feel like this is a dream come true.

Ikigai is a reason for living. A sense of purpose.

Coming to New York City is a dream with a purpose.

The purpose of love, to be in an adventure, to fuel my curiosity, to find boundless energy and to leave with more ideas than I know what to do with.

How does Ikigai help me connect the dots? How does a sense of purpose become an everyday passion? Does Ikigai become a search for something more? Ikigai is all in your head and that is what makes it so darn powerful!

How might I have adventures? The kind that make you notice the small details. The ones that give you something to chew on. The ones that rattle around in your head way longer than when you experienced them.

Having awoken in this dream, I am excited for the possibilities!


Friday reFlections #FrF Deepening & Dimensioning

deep in their rootsImagine the future, optimistic and ideal. I am passionate about the story, the narrative and the happy ending. I know this isn’t always possible, but I like to cling to this hope. It is the light that keeps me going. It is the search for more opportunities that generates sparks. It is the continuous celebration of imagination.

I love the opportunity to think about deepening and dimensioning. I find myself picking up pieces from here and there, meeting people who bring me to another dimension and searching for ways to create depth while deepening my understanding to make impact.

It is complex to think about deepening and dimensioning. Although it wouldn’t be unlike me to be overthinking it…

How do I think about deepening without overdoing it? Can deepening happen when you aren’t focusing on it? Is deepening the insight that’s needed to make things happen? Deepening is being open to explore and being in uncertainty when it is time to play.

How might I think about dimensioning as a tool for gaining more perspective? How do I think about the edges? the fringes? and the places where I belong? Dimensioning is a way of looking from the outside in, and the inside out, to get a sense of what is going on from all angles. It is a way of gaining empathy and where I seek comfort.

Being in constant chase of adventure and experience.


Friday reFlections #FrF Reset & Focus

breatheWatching a team that is working together and in sync is unlike anything else. It is like a dance of players working together in tandem. Knowing when to respond and when to back away.It is saying encouraging words when your team mate is down and being stern when you know that is what will snap them back into action. It is the leader setting the tone. It is cheering for the big and small successes. It is rallying to pick up the slack and to praise the well deserved wins.

Attitude is the hardest things to train for. The skills will come. The experience will come.

This week’s Friday reFlection comes a little bit late. Watching a fresh team step into their first big challenge together was a reminder that teams that work prevail and teams that are faltering will need to gain their footing.  There isn’t much that can build more momentum than the hunger and heart of a team. Yet, nothing that can break the momentum like self-defeat and pressure.

How can I reset and focus? What my team needs and what I need move in sync. If I am losing direction, I can’t very well fault others for not seeing the way.

To reset and focus, is to take a deep breath in the moment when you feel like everything can’t possibly come together and remember that what brought you here was perseverance and practice. Together, you are as strong as your vision.


Friday reFlection #FrF Task & Maintenance

neil-gaiman-quoteI was grateful to spend a week teaching and learning. It was an exceptional week working with along side people who I admire and had the opportunity of making mistakes with. Seeing that together, we are all going through the same things and that this work isn’t about perfection. It is an honour to be reminded of the mess and ambiguity of it all.

The uncomfortable parts are really what pushes me to keep at it and to keep iterating.

Absolutely lasting words in my brain this week are task & maintenance.

How does the task swirl in your head? What is it that keeps me awake at night feeling busy and keeping me from my REM cycle? What is it that makes me feel alive even when I am tired? The task doesn’t feel like work when you are loving every last second of it. The task is what occupies our minds and hearts but it isn’t all there is.

How does maintenance make our relationships last? The time we spend doing the little things, getting coffee together, checking in on what we are doing right but more importantly what we could be doing better. To get the genuine feedback and be able to share the big picture is awesome.

Taking the time to work on the me and we in each day.


Friday ReFlections (but not on Friday) #FrF

Ok, so it was clearly bound to happen that I would fall off the wagon. I thought about it all day on Friday, what was I going to write about. What was I thinking? So much had happened and it was a good week and then of course life swooped in and said, “actually, I need your attention over here…” and so this fell to the wayside a tiny bit. So here I am picking it back up.

I had a pretty great week and even better, it had me feeling a little uncomfortable. Just the way learning should be!

How building it and reinforcing it feels so good. I’m of the mindset that when you put an idea out there you are exposed to being wrong especially if you are coming from a place of not knowing. That’s the exciting part. Then when you put the pieces together and then the validation starts coming there is an overwhelming feeling of meaning.

Being open to receiving feedback. While it hurts every time someone tells you something you did that could have been better or had an impact you didn’t intend. It is good to sit in that discomfort and really think about it. I’m happy that I have an open relationship with my friends that they feel like they can tell me something that isn’t easy for then to say or me to hear. I appreciate our strength.

I am so thankful for this week. Especially the part where I felt like I sucked.


Friday reFlections #FrF Connectivity & Translation

don't let woundsStarting a tradition only works if you keep at it. It would have been easy to let this fall off the  wagon this week, but here I am! I am going to push through this. This week has been super busy. By Monday evening I already felt like it had been a whole week’s worth of insight, connections and energy. Now four days later, I can barely remember what happened on Monday or believe that it was the same week as this one.

How powerful is connectivity? In a time when we are making connections rapidly with technology, people and ideas; how do we re-enforce the power of making the connection long lasting?

I am taking a summer course that is a hybrid between a local classroom and another one classroom that we are connecting to through the internet. Our class is about designing for 2050. It seems symbolic that while we are trying to model a classroom of the future, we are missing out on the basics of connecting. The value of eye contact, a hand shake, knowing what someone’s laugh sounds like are surfacing for me as key missing pieces.

What gets lost in translation? In what we say, the gestures we make, the statements we stick by, the power and impact of words can slap you in the face or can lift you up.

I say a lot and then sometimes I struggle to say what I mean. There are times when I put something out there and I hear it back and I think that was precisely what I have been mulling over and didn’t know it until I said it. While then there are the times when I say something before I have had time to think it through and it cuts the wrong way and then I spend far too much time trying to undo it all.

While some of the wounds feel fresh, I am ready to heal.


Friday reFlections #FrF

we are more of what we do.

It is Friday afternoon and I thought I would make up a new tradition. When I used to work in an office everyday, Fridays were the days when people mellowed out from the week’s grind. There were longer lunches, chats about what was happening on the weekend and things are winding down. Especially as the days are heating up, I really miss the anticipation of Friday patio drinks. Since I am often working alone on a Friday, I thought I would decompress with the colleagues who are always around. That would be me, the cats and all my lovely Twitter people!

So, Friday reFlections are born.

The Follow Friday trend of giving shout-outs to the people who you admire, inspire you, starting following you, etc has quickly grown. I am proposing that we take the #FF trend and boost it to #FrF and get people to take some time on Friday afternoon to reflect on what has happened over the week.

Reflection (noun) :

1. The act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
2. Something, such as light, radiant heat, sound, or an image, that is reflected.

Flection (noun):

1. The act of bending a joint or limb in the body by the action of flexors.
2. The resulting condition of being bent.

Friday reFlections are a place to look back on a week’s worth of hard work, to look for the light in the challenges that you may have faced, to think about the unusual places of mentorship that you might have received, to process the shifts in perspectives and to get ready to adapt and bend to next week’s actions. It is an act of digesting another week past as a piece of a bigger picture.

For my first #FrF

What is the new model of mentorship? It is colliding with a person who elevates and shifts your thinking to the next level. Whether it happens regularly, irregularly or by accident.

What happens when you put the issues in the middle? It changes the way you think when you focus on the issue as central to your work. It is what makes the pieces fall into place.

How do you make culture? As the world is rapidly changing, and culture seems to be keeping stride. Are we actually all that different or is our core values the same as when we were living in caves?

I invite you to join me on Friday afternoons to reflect on your week, especially when it feels like the challenges are mounting, when your energy needs a recharge and when you the next steps seem far away.